The Wages of Latinidad: How Immigration Enforcement Mitigates Anti-Black Assimilation (with Crystal Robertson) Political Behavior [PDF] [Replication]

Living in the Shadow of Deportation: How Immigration Enforcement Forestalls Political Assimilation Political Research Quarterly [PDF] [Replication]

How Social Ties with Undocumented Immigrants Motivate Latinx Political Participation (first author, with Hannah Walker and Matt Barreto) Political Research Quarterly [PDF] [Replication]

The Ripple Effect: The Political Consequences of Proximal Contact with Immigration Enforcement (with Matt Barreto and Hannah Walker) Journal of Race Ethnicity and Politics [PDF]

The Direct and Indirect Effects of Immigration Enforcement on Latino Political Engagement (with Matt Barreto and Hannah Walker) UCLA Law Review [PDF]

Submitted/Under Review

Exposure to anti-LGBTQ+ Violence and the Adoption of Prosocial Political Attitudes Towards LGBTQ+ People (with Jack Thompson) R&R, APSR [PDF]

How Immigration Enforcement Shapes Latinx Candidate Preferences (with Angie Gutierrez) [PDF]

Consent Searches: Evaluating the Usefulness of a Common and Highly Discretionary Police Practice (with Megan Dias, Derek Epp, and Hannah Walker) [PDF]

Exposure to Police Violence, Service Protection and Voter Support for Defunding the Police (with Benjamin Newman) [PDF]

Working Papers

In the Shadow of Deportation: How Immigration Enforcement Shapes The Politics of Latinx Communities (Book Project)

The George Floyd Effect: How Protests and Public Scrutiny Change Police Behavior (with Chris Casella, Derek Epp, Klara Fredriksson, and Hannah Walker) [PDF]

The “Great Replacement” and Reproductive Politics: Non-White Population Growth and White Support for Legal Abortion (with Benjamin Newman and Tyler Reny)

Permissive but Limited Immigration Policies Have a Minimal Effect On the Emotional and Mental Well-Being of the Latinx Population (with Benjamin Newman)

How Social Ties with Undocumented Immigrants Inform Latinx Identity Formation (with Ana Oaxaca and Rodolfo Solis)

Policing Socio-Geographic Change and Displacement (with Allison Verrilli, Hannah Walker, Derek Epp, Amy Liu, and Mike Findley)